DP Unleashes 10 Lawyers to Defend Party Members Involved In Coming Protests

The Democratic Party has constituted a 10 member legal committee to defend the rights of its members who will possibly get arrested during their age limit campaign named K’ogikwatako.

Among the lawyers assembled for the task is Hon Mukasa Mbidde, the DP representative in the East African Legislation Assembly, Medard Lubega Segona and Kenneth Kakande who also doubles as the party spokesperson.

This follows last week’s incident where 14 members of the party were arrested together with their Party President Nobert Mao and his acting Secretary General Gerald Siranda, while they marched peacefully toward the constitutional square to protest against amendment of Article 102 (b).

Addressing Journalists yesterday, the Party President Mao said the 10 lawyers stand to offer and instill confidence to all those in the fight against the age limit removal that they shall be protected.

“We will not stop protesting against any attempts to amend Article 102 (b) not until we are sure that no one will touch it”

He also revealed that the party has organized a series of countrywide protests including the return to the constitutional square in the campaign.

“I encourage all people to join the anti- constitutional amendment campaigns to fight for their constitutional rights. They should all note that this affects us all Ugandans and it’s the time to act together as one.”

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