DP to Build Headquarters After 65 Years of Renting

Uganda’s oldest political party, the Democratic Party (DP) is moving to build its own headquarters after many years of renting.

The party President Nobert Mao said the development is one of the achievements of DP as the year 2019 comes to an end.

“We have as a party acquired property to enable us equip those who will come after us a permanent home. Can you imagine being a tenant for 65 years,” he said.

Addressing reporters in Kampala on Tuesday, Mao said the party is committed to completing the Benedicto Kiwanuka house by 2022.

“That will be our gift to him. By that time if Ben Kiwanuka were to be alive, he would be 100 years old. That is our centenary gift to him.”

Benedicto Kiwanuka is the founding father of the Democratic Party.

Mao noted that DP is in discussions with a Kenyan company he didn’t mention, which will contribute two thirds of the resources and DP will contribute a third).

“We want that structure to stand within 3 years. It’s a 5 storeyed structure,” he added.


The building will cost 9 billion shillings of which DP will contribute 3 billion and the Kenyan company will provide the remaining 6 billion shillings.

Mao announced that out of 3 billion needed, the party so far has pledges amounting to 300 million shillings.

He further said that DP acquired two properties, an empty plot and a completed building where the party national campaign headquarters will be.

Meanwhile, as a way of increasing its presence up to the village level, next Monday, the party will hold its National Executive Committee meeting (NEC) which will comprise of registering all party members.

Registered members at village level will then elect village executive committee. The village executive committee will hold a delegate’s conference and elect parish executive committee. The parish executive will hold a delegates conference to elect sub county executive who will also elect constituency executives through a delegates conference and finally the constituency executives will elect the district executive.

In order to obtain the 30% participation of women in NEC as required by DP constitution, Mao said that two out five (2/5) delegates per constituency will have to be women.

“Our NEC does not have 30% of women that the law dictates.” Mao admitted.


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