DP Still Solid in Masaka – Jude Mbabaali

Masaka District Chairperson Jude Mbabaali has come out to reaffirm that the Democratic Party’s (DP) is still strong in his district ahead of the 2021 General Elections.

“Many members of DP in Masaka district have refused to be swayed away by the wind. So I am here to assure you that were going to do whatever is necessary to ensure that all our candidates in Masaka win the positions they are standing for,” Mbabaali told reporters in Kampala yesterday.

The chairman acknowledged that at first there was fear that the Party might not recover after multitudes of councilors crossed to the National Unity Platform (NUP).

However, he clarified that this was punctually addressed by the Party leadership which opted to field new faces which has breathed new life into the DP ahead of the February 18 polls.

“We have decided to field new and fresh candidates for the positions of councilors in Masaka district and we want to assure you that we shall win those areas.”

His words come on the back drop of growing uneasiness within NUP ranks over the disbursement of tickets for Parliamentary and Local Government seats that some say was marred with irregularities and unfair to say.

Over the past few weeks, social media has been awash with finger pointing and counter accusations something which has prompted some political pundits to speculate that the formation could be on a nosedive 3 months after it was unveiled.

During a guest appearance on a CBS Talk Show on Tuesday, Ssempala Kigozi one of those denied the Makindye Ssabagabo Flag poked holes at the criteria being used to measure candidate’s popularity.


“I have helped construct swathes of tarmac and 40 kilometers of murram, was outspoken on the age limit. At Parliament level, I scored 71% at committee levels and plenary…I have 55 villages that make up Makindye Ssabagabo.  During my tenure I helped 231 families who lost their loved ones,” Kigozi observed.

“When you say that I am unpopular, there is a problem.”

Similar sentiments were made by Lydia Namyengo Njuba the aspiring Mukono Woman Member of Parliament (MP) during the ‘VPN’ Talk Show on KFM.

During the programme, Namayengo vowed not to support her opponent Hanifer Nabukeera Luswata whom she termed a ‘perennial loser’ and ‘unpopular’.

“I cannot come out and support a weak candidate. This is a candidate who has lost an election three times. She doesn’t have votes in the constituency, she cannot even hold a rally on her own and People don’t even know her.”

However, while responding to the above issues; NUPs Spokesperson Joel Senyonyi said that much as discontented members are entitled to their own opinions, some seasoned politicians are merely sourgraping.

He cited the example of Micheal Mabikke who he accused of peddling falsehoods for reasons not known.

“If he said he is a founding member of NUP, he is a liar. He is not a founding member of NUP; he only joined it weeks after we unveiled it. He came with other members of DP Block and we welcomed them into NUP just as we welcomed them into People Power,” Senyonyi clarified.

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