DP Speak Out on Destruction Ben Kiwanuka’s Historic Property

Opposition Democratic Party has expressed dismay with what they called “the irresponsible conduct and reckless transaction” that Morris Kagimu Kiwanuka, the heir to the Late Ben Kiwanuka entered, to the level of sacrificing family property.

The party said it was shocked on learning of a demolition of the house of the late Democratic Party president Ben Kiwanuka whose remains have to date not been located.

The property was taken by money lenders from who former Ambassador, Kagimu borrowed money during the election period and failed to repay.

DP’s Deputy Secretary General, Gerald Blacks Siranda said the development was an embarrassment to the family of such a great leader, and revealed that the party lonely earnt of the matter from the media.

“As you know, the late Ben Kiwanuka was our third President and first Chief Minister and Chief Justice of the country. Therefore this issue is beyond DP as a party; if we were living in another country, anything associated to him would have been taken with serious concern,” Siranda said.

He described as embarrassing, the fact that Kiwanuka’s heir chose to part ways with his father’s party and joined the ruling NRM party and added that the latter should have attempted to save the property.

Commenting on DP’s involvement to save the property, Siranda said, “This was a private property, yes we associate with it but what would you want us to do where someone chooses to get a loan and it goes bad? We have been communicating to some of the family members who also did know about it.”

Siranda said Kagimu should have talked to colleagues of his late father and well-wishers who would have mobilized money not only for him but for the legacy of the late father.


“As an institution, we are devastated and believe that what happened is trying to wash away the memory and image of Ben Kiwanuka; you can take away his home and body but cannot take away his history and contribution to the country.”

Siranda thus revealed that the party has started engaging stake holders including family, friends and government so as to save the historical property.

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