DP Rushes to Constitutional Court Over Opposition Leadership in Parliament

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) National Vice President and EALA MP, information pills Fred Mukasa Mbidde has trumpeted the party’s plans to seek redress from the Constitutional Court over the current appointment of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP) and political party funding.

According to Mbidde, ampoule the current method where the opposition leader in Parliament is determined basing on the numerical strength of a political party was outlawed in a case he won against Parliament of Uganda in the East African Court of Justice (EACJ).

Mbidde made the revelation during his closing remarks at a youth symposium organized by the National Youth Council on Tuesday.

“We will study the administration of Parliament Act and the law regarding funding of political parties; they still espouse the principal of discrimination which was outlawed in the Mbidde case which is based on the principal of numerical strength, ” Mbidde noted.

During the hearing of the case in 2012, Mbidde argued that Uganda’s rules of procedure were inconsistent with the provisions of the East African Community Treaty that provided for all shades of opinion to be represented in EALA.

Mbidde noted that the ruling which saw Democratic Party gaining representation at the East African Parliament dealt with the issue of taking up positions in Parliament due to numerical strength of each political party.

“This has to be addressed by the Constitutional Court in Uganda if it is not addressed administratively. We have appointed a team of laws to study it with a view of coming out with a proper process through which the opposition is constituted in Parliament and also funding of parties in Uganda,” Mbidde said.

Asked whether this means that the position of Leader of Opposition should be voted upon, Mbidde said there is no doubt about that.

Currently, the opposition leadership in Parliament is dominated by the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) owing to its numerical strength and for the same reason, their share of the political party funding is larger than the other opposition parties.

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