DP Launches Manifesto; Promises Power Sharing, Restoration of Term Limits

Nearly a month after the commencement of presidential election campaigns, the opposition Democratic Party (DP) on Monday launched it’s 2021 presidential election manifesto in Jinja district.

The party’s presidential flag bearer, Nobert Mao who launched the manifesto, promised power sharing and restoration of presidential term limits which were removed from the Constitution in 2005.

Robert Mao

“We are going to have a transition in Uganda. There is no way anybody who is coming after this regime is going to lead Uganda alone. There must be sharing of power because we must renegotiate the very idea of Ugandans. The building blocks of Uganda (people) are not happy. We must sit together and negotiate what sort of a nation we want to build,” said Mao.

He added, “We pledge to restore presidential term limits.”

Mao announced what he termed as “5 principles of Agenda 2021” that included; new consensus, shared prosperity, ending corruption, reconciliation and servant leadership.

Uganda, he said is deeply wounded and needs a leader “who is going to heal the wounds of Uganda.”

“I don’t hear in the manifesto of NRM about transition. These guys are crazy. They believe they are going to die in office. There is nothing about reconciliation. They have sabotaged national dialogue.”

“The President of Uganda had said he is not anybody’s servant. That is why he can talk casually about killing people’s children. That is why he can threaten to crush political opponents. I pledge to be a servant leader,” said Mao.


The above principles, he said will aim at achieving his 21 manifesto promises dubbed 21 milestones, 45 million dreams.

His 21 promises include; Government of national unity as a basis for peaceful transition, establishment of national truth and reconciliation Commission to deal with historical grievances to foster “national healing,” Federalism, change of system of government from presidential to parliamentary system and ceremonial president to be appointed by Parliament, reduce the number of districts among others.

“We pledge to reduce the number of districts. Ugandans are underserved but over governed. Buvuma is a district but they (people of Buvuma) still have to go to Mukono for medical treatment. So, what has the district done? It has done nothing,” he said.

Mao also promised to compensate war victims and enact a war victims compensation Act to oversee the compensation of war victims.

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