DP Condemns Parliament Attack on Media Freedom

Democratic Party (DP) has condemned the move by the 10th Parliament to censor the media on grounds of “bad reporting.”

The party Spokesperson, stuff http://clockdodgers.com/wp-admin/includes/widgets.php Kenneth Paul Kakande says Parliament is out of order and should not been seen to stifle media freedoms.

“We are convinced that this battle is uncalled for and not necessary at a time when there is already a public outcry about the conduct of the 10th Parliament, order ” Kakande said on Tuesday.

Kakande says the major concern is that the nationals now see Parliamentarians as an institution that has offered itself privileges both in life and death; but also refused to listen to the cry of the Ugandan citizens to moderate their appetite for privileges.

“The public expectation is that legislators could take on all forms of ruin of the rights of the journalists and we thought they would walk this moral high ground; but to our dismay parliament has not acted different from police.”

“The exertion of Parliament has nothing to hide, more about MPs represent the people and all they do must be transparent and they must be criticized where need be; there should be free flow of information and the media shouldn’t in anyway be impeded by the legislative arm of government.”

DP believes everything must be done for the public to gain trust in Parliament as an institution that passes laws for good governance, one that gives legislative sanctions, taxation and acquisition of loans and ensure means of carrying out the work of government.

“Parliament should be seen scrutinizing government policy and administration, debating matters of topical interest and vetting the appointment of persons nominated by the President under the Construction or any other enactment.”

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