DP Calls for Unconditional Release of Stella Nyanzi

Nobert Mao the Party President of the Democratic Party has called upon government to release Dr. Stella Nyanzi with immediate effect and unconditionally.

Mao said today that Dr Nyanzi is a citizen of Uganda, unhealthy has fundamental human rights under the constitution of the country and that leaders should be tolerant since being criticized in strong language is one of the occupational hazards of holding a public office.

“We have learnt with dismay of the arrest, page detention and arraignment of Dr Stella Nyanzi. We call for her unconditional release immediately and tolerance of all officials holding public offices” he said.

While addressing the media on Tuesday at the party headquarters Mao added that the controversial law , order under which Nyanzi, who is charged of insulting President Museveni,  has been charged – the Computer Misuse Act, is a law which has no place in the information age and should be repealed.

Dr Nyanzi was on Monday charged with two offenses of Cyber Harassment (against Sec 24 of the Computer Misuse Act of 2011) and Offensive Communication (against Sect 25 of the same Act) all allegedly committed against President Museveni via Facebook.

“Nyanzi’s social media activism has posed a serious moral challenge to the Museveni regime. By focusing like a laser beam on the important issue of sanitary pads for school girls, she has attracted support across the spectrum of society,”  Mao retorted.

“Through her attacks on the President and his Wife, Nyanzi is only amplifying the murmurs of the frustration and protest that our society can no longer ignore. Perhaps she’s mad because of the overdose of our collective madness.”


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