Dozens Displaced and Floods Hit Buhweju

Dozens of people have been left homeless in Bujweju district following heavy rains that pulled down 20 houses and one bridge

According to the area district councilor Mr. John Kapimpi Tushemereirwe, buy the running waters came from the neighboring sub-county of Bihanga in Buhweju district where heavy rains lasted hours.

The councilor says waters came through river Buhindagyi and swept away the bridge which connects Kicuzi sub-county and Kyabakara sub-county in Rubirizi district.

The destroyed bridge was constructed two years back by the area MP John Byabagambi after grading the road which connects district of Buhweju and Ibanda.

Tushemereirwe says the remains of the bridge were found in Lake George.

The areas which were affected include Karuhisi, Kagyezi, Buhindagyi and Kitooma where floods overshot the river bank and destroyed rice, beans, maize and other crops.

Locals have asked the district councils of Buhweju and Rubirizi to consider the issues of the bridge as an emergency and help the people to run their business.


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