Doreen Nyanjura Arrested at City Hall

Makerere University Councillor Doreen Nyajura has been arrested along with other city councilors as they tried to make their way to Parliament.

Nyanjura left City Hall together with Deputy Lord Mayor Sarah Kanyike and other Councillors saying they were going to see the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who is in police custody.

The Makerere councilor however, proceeded toward parliament where they were apprehended by police, bundled in a pickup truck and driven away.

Nyanjura on a police truck
Nyanjura on a police truck

Nyajura had earlier told us before arrest that her cloths which she had prepared to put on for today were confiscated by police.

She went however, that she was read to go to parliament and interface with MPs trying to alter the national constitution.

“I want to see that Evelyn Anite who said that they have the magye” she said.


The FDC firebrand attempted to resist arrest, screaming loudly that it was in her right to defend the country’s constitution.

Meanwhile by 10:40; another group of Uganda Young Democrats were making their way toward the Parliamentary Building.

UYD youths marching toward parliament
UYD youths marching toward parliament

These too were intercepted and arrested by police.



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