Don’t Waste Time in Politics: Minister Kasolo Tells Bushenyi Locals

The State Minister for Microfinance, Kyeyune Haruna Kasolo has urged Ugandans not to waste their time focusing on the coming political season, but to use the time to concentrate on income generating activities.

The Minister was speaking to a group of local people in Bushenyi Municipality where he had gone to launch the Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job Creation branded ‘Enyooga’ on Thursday.

“If you are not a politician, do not fully participate in politics because it does not earn you anything. Leave politicking to politicians that earn from politics. Your time and energy in your job, or business that pays you,” he said.

The Microfinance minister noted that because some Ugandans waste a lot of time and energy during campaigns, they end up feeling disgruntled once a politician that they helped to get into power does not help them in their everyday needs.

“As a politician, I am paid money and on time but it’s my money. Do not expect me to start paying school fees for your child because you helped me in looking for votes. Do not let politicians use you. Your role is to vote but not look for votes. I am actually happy that our people are not going to waste their time in rallies because of this Covid 19 Pandemic,” he said.

Minister Kasolo has been in western Uganda to officially launch the Emyooga initiative that is aimed at helping Ugandans out of poverty through Saving.

The Minister launched the program in Ntungamo municipality on Tuesday, Sheema Municipality on Wednesday and Bushenyi Municipality.

According to him, the project will help bring together in different organized Saccos so that they can save as a group and solve their everyday problems.


“The President has directed me to give each constituency Shs 560m as seed capital which will be shared among 18 Saccos. However, the main purpose of this initiative is to encourage people to save regularly. This is the only way Ugandans will get out of poverty,” he added.

The Emyooga initiative will benefit 18 groups including Fishermen, Veterans, Saloon owners, Hotel Owners, Journalists, performing artistes, Boda Boda riders, Tax drivers, Women Entrepreneurs, PWDs, Wielders, Carpenters, Youths, elected leaders, Produce dealers, market vendors and waivers.

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