Don’t Take Our Support for Granted – Kisoro Leaders Caution NRM

A section of leaders from Kisoro district have cautioned the ruling National Resistance Movement party not to take for granted the overwhelming support that the party has been getting from the district in the past elections.

The group of leaders were this week agitated when it emerged that NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni decided at the last hour to cancel his campaign meeting in the district.

The ruling party decided instead that a few representatives should travel to Kabale to attend Museveni’s campaign meeting and go back home to disseminate the campaign information.

The district leaders decided to shun the meeting and send out a message of disgruntlement to the NRM.

Kisoro district chairman told reporters yesterday that he and fellow NRM leaders were unhappy that the president refused to meet the people that have supported him in elections.

Instead, he said, Museveni chose to meet the people of Kabale who have not been very supportive of the NRM.

Kisoro voted 88% for President Museveni while Kabale voted 65% for the president in the 2016 presidential elections.

On top of that, Kisoro LC5 chairman listed a number of unfulfilled pledges that Museveni has made to the district over the years.


These he said include expanding Nyakabande Kisoro Airdrome, appointing “son of the soil” Robert Mukiza as the Director General of Uganda Investment Authority, construction of the John Kale Institute of Science and Technology, tarmacking local tourism roads, among others.

Yet, according to Bizimana, Kabale has seen more presidential pledges fulfilled compared to Kisoro.

“In truth, Kabale has for long segregated us, that is why we demanded to have our own district,” he said.

“But to this point we don’t have our own university and our roads are in bad shape yet Kabale continues to thrive.”

Some of the district leaders who were supposed to travel to Kabale for the presidential campaign said they were disappointed by their party.

“I think that some of the NRM leaders don’t want us to speak directly to the president because they know we are going to expose them,” said John Mfitumukiza, the Nyarusiza sub county LC5 NRM flagbearer

President Museveni today took a break from the campaign to attend national thanksgiving prayers at State House in Entebbe


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