Don’t Put Yourselves in Compromising Situations – Security Minister Warns Youths

The Minister of security Gen. Elly Tumwine has Friday cautioned the youths across the country to avoid getting themselves in compromising situations contrary to the security policies of Uganda.

Tumwine sounded this warning while addressing the press about the security situation prevailing in the country since the arrest of presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi on Wednesday.

According to him, “This is not the first time in Uganda or anywhere in the world that a presidential candidate has been arrested. They have been arrested and will be arrested if they violate the laws in future.”

He warned the public especially the youths against taking part in criminality arising from such arrests.

“If you put yourself in such a situation, get ready to get what comes along that situation. Burning the city is putting yourself in a danger. Let no one mislead you into such a situation,” Tumwine emphasized.

He further noted that security is aware that some people have not only been advocating for and inciting violence but they have also been training and misleading young people to attack police and security personnel in this country.

“Whoever is training you like that is putting you in great danger,” he added.

Since Wednesday, protesters especially NUP supporters have been blocking roads in various cities and towns across the country. In other places, they beat up people, undressed women and threw stones at security officials.


The security minister also reiterated President Museveni’s earlier communication that there are some Foreign agents that are trying to destabilize Uganda and also warned that they shall be dealt with.

“Some of these agents, I want to assure you, that we have evidence and it’s very clear and we can hear how they have been communicating. Most of these are agents of foreign elements who are interested in destabilizing African countries for their own interest. Look out and be able to choose who is speaking for who,” Tumwine said.


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