Don’t Lie in the Name of God; Be Honest When Condemning Violence – Museveni Tells off Religious Leaders  

President Yoweri Museveni expressed frustration with the heads of religious institutions in the country, who he says rushed to condemn government for superintending over violence in the ongoing election season while hiding the truths behind the violence.

Speaking Friday at a national thanksgiving prayer event at State House Entebbe, Museveni accused the religious leaders present of “telling lies in the name of God” warning that they would attract the Lord’s anger.

“Let me be frank with you; if you sow dishonest you will harvest dishonest multiple,” Museveni said in response to the concerns raised earlier by different speakers about the recent violence in Kampala where dozens of people were killed.

“I have been hearing people talking about violence. Yes, there was violence but who cause it?” he wondered.

Museveni went on to explain that the chaos originated from the rightful arrest of Presidential candidate Bobi Wine who was not following campaign guidelines.”

In the violence where 54 people died, Museveni noted that 32 of the victims were actively engaged in the riots, while 22 were innocents killed by stray bullets.

“I asked for the analysis of the stray bullets and once I get it I will speak about it, person by person. iF it was the police who were in the wrong, we shall act against them. Who doesn’t know our record that we don’t tolerate indiscipline in the armed forces?

“If you were honest, you would know the history of the NRA. We are the only army that has operated in Somalia and we have never had any problem and yet this is a very conservative Islamic society”


But for the religious leaders to come out and only condemn government and not the violent rioters, Museveni said they were not being sincere.

“Although I am polite, I would urge all people to be sincere and be careful with God, because God cannot be mocked,” he said.

“Don’t tell lies in the name of God because he will not be happy. We are not going to tolerate rioters attacking people, robbing property and disrobing women; I never heard anyone condemning that.”

Museveni on the other hand stressed that his government would ensure that next year’s elections will be peaceful.

We shall have peaceful elections because that’s what we fought for. You must be not serious if you think you can disrupt our right to vote.”



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