Don’t Forget ‘Togikwatako’   – Fr. Gaetano Reminds Voters

Outspoken cleric Rev.Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda has urged Ugandans to come out next year and take action on members of parliament who disregarded their voices on the constitutional amendment that removed the presidential age limit.

Article 102(b), which provided for the age limit for the presidential candidate, was removed from the Constitution in December 2017 after a controversial process that saw the police break up rallies of MPs opposed to the idea and MPs in favor given ‘facilitation’ to consult their constituencies.

Article 102 (b) stated that a person is not qualified for election as President unless that person is over thirty-five years and under seventy-five years of age

Fr. Batanyeda while addressing press in Kabale, noted that while parliament gave MPs permission and resources to consult their voters on the matter, many chose to vote contrary to what the masses told them.

Batanyenda says alongside pocketing the 20 million shillings for the consultations, a bigger section of legislators lied that they had been asked to back the amendment yet they did not even consult the electorate.

Such legislators he said are greedy and have nothing good to offer to Ugandans.

“These should be voted out of parliament next year. They are the enemies of Uganda as a country. They don’t serve Ugandans but themselves,” he said.


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