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Doctors Netted Selling Government Drugs Abroad

Police today arrested three suspects in connection to stealing government drugs and selling them to neighboring countries.

Police identified the trio as Rusagara John, Ntale Sunday and Nyiringimana Jean Pierre who are currently detained at CPS Kampala.

Kampala Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango says they broke into the syndicate of the criminals that steal medicines supplied by the government of Uganda to its various health centers and hospitals.

“The group comprises medical personnel and staff in some health facilities who collude with civilian businessmen at William Street,  Kampala to sell and export this medicine and other medical equipment to neighboring countries,” said Onyango.

One of the arrested Rusagara John admitted that for a long time he had been dealing in government drugs.

Onyango says James furnished them with valuable information that would be helpful in breaking the entire racket.

The exhibits that were got with the suspects included Lumaterm/Coertem tablets. Also found in their possession were cannuals.

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