Do Not Plant Crops Now – Meteorological Authority Advises Farmers

The acting director of the Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA), Mr George Williams Omony has advised farmers to stay the planting of new crops pending a much coherent weather forecast.

Omony cautioned farmers around the Lake Victoria basin against planting crops on premises of a season change due to the deceptive off season rains, saying they risk losing their fortune.

According to him, the on-going showers are as a result of high pressure build up, something that farmers should ignore bearing in mind that these rains have no bearing on the normal seasons in Uganda.

As such he says farmers should wait for the usual rainy season that starts in March until May to plant.

‘‘January to February is a dry season in Uganda. You should not be deceived into planting crops because the rains that you are seeing around Lake Victoria are just off seasonal rains caused by the weather pressure system. So we should maintain the usual calendar’’, Omony explains.

However, he gave a leeway to farmers dealing in quick maturing crops like vegetables to go ahead and proceed with planting.

‘‘Basically, do not plant crops that take long to mature’’, he advised.

Meanwhile, during a press brief in Kampala, Yusuf Nsubuga a senior weather analyst took time to explain the cause of the recent natural phenomenon on Lake Bunyonyi left many residents in shock.

The water spout on Lake Bunyonyi

The event has since sparked different interpretations with some claiming it was a miracle while others regard it as a tornado.

However according to Nsubuga, this incident known as a water spout is merely a small diameter of column of rapidly swirling air in contact with a water surface which changes direction as it goes higher leading to the formation of a vertical funnel.

Waterspouts, he said, commonly occur in lower atmospheric areas and have a life span of 5 to 10 minutes.


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