DJ Languna Reveals Why Artists Turn into Thieves

Veteran northern Uganda deejay Languna has finally revealed why more artists are forced into stealing saying it’s all because of the poor management of funds in the Uganda Performing Rights Society.

This comes shortly after a number of struggling musicians have been reported to be involved in theft.

Speaking to journalists today afternoon in Kisaasi, Languna who has been working with the organization as a board member for over ten years said most artists aren’t getting money from their music.

“They (UPRS) aren’t doing the right thing, artists who are members have started stealing because they aren’t getting their money. Workers of UPRS have insurance yet musicians don’t have because when they get sick of simple malaria they will die and yet you are using the artist’s money,” he angrily said.

Adding that despite the society collecting money, they have never given clear accountability of how the money is used.

“There is no any accountability. I have been working with them since 2007 as northern chairperson on the board but they don’t want to listen to me,” he concluded.

DJ Languna is not the only person that has complained about the works of UPRS as many have been lamenting and promising to walk out.


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