Diversification Enables Community to Have Sure Economic Base – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has said that through diversification of income generation, medicine the community is assured of a sure economic base.

The President made the remarks last evening at Hotel Africana at a workshop covering the collection and distribution of Zakat, which is an obligatory contribution by all Moslems for the welfare of the needy in society. The workshop was held under the theme of “Take your Alms from their Wealth in order to purify them and sanctify them.”

During the function the President, among other activities, handed over a cheque worth Shs.60 million from the House of Zakat for purposes of upgrading Lugazi Mosque hospital to Health Centre 4 status. The launching of the event was also marked by the President’s receipt of a cheque worth Shs.500 million being a contribution from the Muslim community in Uganda in 2016 towards the House of Zakat and Wafq . Mr. Museveni made a pledge of Shs. 400 million to the House of Zakat and Wafq.

The House of Zakat and Waqf, Uganda, is a non-profit Muslim charity organization registered in the country in 2010 to streamline the collection and distribution of the obligatory fees (Zakat) and preservation of Waqf (endowments) among the Ugandan Muslim Community.

“It is good to diversify as it gives the community a sure economic base. When people become wealthy, their consumption of food and other essentials increases,” said the President.

He encouraged all Ugandans to engage in agro and livestock farming. He expressed pleasure that the Muslim community has diversified its income generating programmes. He informed the workshop that the NRM Government has organized the Operation Wealth Creation Programme through NAADS noting that the Muslim Community has set up a similar arrangement. He observed that it was good to note that a well off Muslim was required to help the needy adding that Muslim leaders were taking care of the earthly needs of the people.

The President reiterated that it was good for Muslims to allocate 2.5% of their annual income towards Zakat. He expressed optimism that Ugandans have the capacity to collect much more than the 1 million Muslims in South Africa who were able to generate US10 million per annum.

He assured the Muslim community in Uganda that the NRM Government would facilitate them towards the recovery of the community’s property. He was happy that the NRM Government facilitated the peace process among the Muslims in the country. He assured them that the NRM Government will facilitate the construction of an Islamic religious training institute in the country and noted that the necessary resources are already being mobilized so that Uganda would achieve a synchronization of the teaching of Islam.


The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Hajji Mohammed Majid Bagalaaliwo, saluted President Museveni for donating 300 acres of land in Nkoma, Mbale towards the construction of the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) and also for commissioning the complex. He lauded him and the NRM Government for a donation of a plot on Kampala Road to facilitate acquisition of resources to pay the teaching staff of the University.

Hajji Bagalaaliwo further thanked President Museveni for granting permission to the Islamic Bank to launch its operations in Uganda. He also observed that the Government has enabled Islamic students to further their studies noting that today 70 of the students have been awarded PhD degrees.

An official of the House of Zakat, Dr. Asedu Ssentongo, revealed that the organization was on steady progress. He said Zakat is a social insurance against social pressure adding that if used properly, it can collect sufficient resources to alleviate poverty from society.

He revealed that under the livestock programme, they have allocated Shs.148 million for purchasing 40 cows that are to be distributed to various beneficiaries. He also said that under that programme, there are plans to distribute goats and sheep. He revealed that 185 people are to be provided with Shs.100 million and that the main beneficiaries would be widows, orphans and the youth.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sheikh Abdu Kamulegeya, commended President Museveni for enabling the payment and recovery of the William Street Mosque. He revealed that Zakat is for the benefit of all Muslims in the country.

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