DIT Calls for Directive to Assess, Certify Technicians to End Incompetence

The Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) has asked Government to issue a directive to allow it to assess and certify technicians and all people manning Government instruments in order to end incompetency in the sector.

DIT is a Government of Ugandan quality assurance directorate offering national, regional, and internationally recognized quality assurance services for Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (BTVET).

Speaking at the release of Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework Assessment Results (UVQF) at the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) in Kampala on Thursday, the chairperson Industrial Training Council (ITC) who doubles as Executive Director of National Planning Authority Dr. Joseph Muvawala said if DIT is allowed to assess and certify technicians, will be the only way to curb the challenges of collapsing buildings, poor electric connectivity among others.

Among the categories of candidates assessed and certified were students from vocational schools, Institutes, and Colleges for skills acquired during their attachment for industrial training, trainees from the Uganda Government prisons skills training center, wiremen, and electricians under the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) among others.

The assessment and certification of wiremen under the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) Muvawala said has not only increased efficiency of electricity usage in this country but has also gone a long way to save lives that could have otherwise been lost as a result of poor workmanship.

“We have all built but how many of you ask your wiremen for their certificates before they wire your houses. We are moving towards a direction where we should stop as a Government, anybody working in this Sector without having been certified. There is no reason why we should have people who are not certified, whose competency we don’t understand to do the most important noble function. The failure or weakness to regulate, we can now see falling buildings, we can see buildings burning every day,” said Muvawala.

It is reasonable to think that the Education sector has been the biggest culprit because of unending fires in schools such as Gayaza High School, the infamous burning of Buddo Junior School among others.

Muvawala noted that some unskilled personnel that joined Corporations such as National Water and Sewerage Corporation as diggers acquired skills and are now in possession of certificates. He added that they can do the job much better than graduates from technical institutes.


He said that he directed his team to always follow up on the people they certify.

“I have directed the team that we must always follow the people we certify because that is the only reason we defend to the Ministry that we still need resources. It’s not enough for us to say we certify.”

Muvawala expressed concern over unskilled personnel manning graders of Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA).

“There is something that has been disturbing the country. The employment of certified workers by the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has reduced the wreckage of expensive machinery and equipment used on road construction. Cabinet approved that we buy tools for every district and indeed e bought them.

Every district has a grader but these graders are breaking down because they are being manned by people who are not competent. Let there be a directive that we assess all people who are manning Government instruments particularly in the districts,” he said.

He added that it was close to a 4 million dollar loan that procured the graders and to get value out of them, he suggested that there should be a directive to assess the people manning the graders.


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