District Officials Ordered to Enforce Waragi Ban

The ministry of Local government has issued a directive to District officials to start implementation of the Sachet Waragi ban.

In December 2016, government resolved to ban the sale and distribution of all alcohol in sachets.

In a letter issued to all Chief Administrative officers, the Ministry reminds all officials to embark on implementation as the deadline (September 30) approaches.

“The purpose of this letter is therefore to remind you to guide the implementation of the Minister’s Directive and plan to resist measures that are contrary to government position,” part of the letter reads.

Prior to this, various district heads had already banned the circulation of this type of alcohol.

Kabarole, Moyo, Gulu are of the Districts that recently issued directives on the matter.

This, however, isn’t the first attempt by Government to terminate the circulation and production of Sachet Waragi.

Earlier attempts have been futile as the process usually, is halted at implementation level.



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