District Chairpersons Rally Behind Ategeka in Bunyangabu Assault Case

Some LCV district chairpersons have expressed solidarity with their Bunyangabo colleague, James Ategeka who publicly slapped the area Resident District Commissioner, Jane Asiimwe.

The district chairpersons in their social media groups noted that the Bunyagabo incident was unnecessary but it was precipitated by the provocation from the RDC.

According to Busia District Chairman, Geoffrey Wandera, it was unfair for the RDC to start implementing the COVID-19 directive on the car of Ategeka.

“To say the least, the Bunyangabo incident was uncalled for. That was a clear case of provocation on the district Chairman. Of all the vehicles, you really start with the one of the district Chairman?” he asked.

Wandera noted that there should be teamwork to handle the challenge posed by the virus declared by the World Health Organization as Pandemic.

“We need to appreciate that, yes we have a challenge of the pandemic amidst us and as stakeholders we should build teamwork amidst the existing conflicts to confront a common problem to save the innocent people. This could be done by appreciating the fact that we play different roles without undermining the role of the other members, period,” he noted.  

Meanwhile Budaka chairman, Samuel Mulomi, said any step against the district political leadership will only derail efforts in the combating of Coronavirus.

“Any attempt to crack down on district leadership will spell danger in the Corona fight especially in rural districts,” he said.

He added that there is need for caution since elected local leaders are more accepted in the community than the appointed central government officials. 

“Well knowing that most RDCs can’t speak the local language and knowing that local communities listen more to their elected leaders than central Government officials, there is need for caution. Should chairpersons be agitated, the center may find itself with yet another pandemic to contend with,” he added.

Finance Minister, Matia Kasaija told Parliament on Tuesday that Ategeka had been arrested by police to answer assault charges.

A video circulated on Tuesday morning on social media of an argument between Ategeka and other Bunyagabo officials turning violent. In the video Ategeka used strong language and slapped Asiimwe.


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