Digitalising 2021 Campaigns Poses More Questions Than Answers – Gen Tumukunde

Former security minister, General Henry Tumukunde has today joined other political actors in questioning the logic behind holding digitalized campaigns in the build up to the February 18, 2021 General Elections.

Addressing journalists at his Kololo Office on Wednesday, Tumukunde said the proposed virtual campaigning is not backed by law, and that there is likely difficulty in enforcing equal access to media platforms.

Particularly, he expressed concern that candidates may face hard times seeking airtime on privately owned radio and television stations.

“I can use Jinja as an example; one is owned by Hon Balyeku, another one is owned by Hon. Nabeta and another one is owned by Hon. Mwiru,” Tumukunde said.

“Assuming critical times come and they say don’t allow an opposition person to speak about NRM. What powers do you have over Balyeku’s radio? Who are you?”

Besides, Tumukunde fears that the media houses in the country might not accommodate the huge number of candidates that will present themselves for election.

Responding to the same matter last week, ECs Spokesperson Jotham Taremwa said their hands are tied by the constitution which demands for periodical elections every five years.

“You see the constitution demands that we have elections and we have always had elections. But here we are in a situation when mass gatherings are prohibited and are a carrier of Covid-19. So what do you do?” Taremwa responded.


Meanwhile, Gen Tumukunde also expressed fear that the revised electoral road map does not take into account logistical challenges that might arise as a result of the Corona Virus curfew.

“In the last elections, you know well electoral materials reached Wakiso here at 2 O’clock…If there is delivering of these materials to different centres how are you going to do it?”


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