Dictatorship Needed for Socioeconomic Transformation – Mak Professor

Makerere University don, Prof. Augustus Nuwagaba has said that dictatorship can lead to socio transformation of a country if well harnessed.

Speaking during a workshop at Hotel Triangle in Kampala, Prof. Nuwagaba said if countries can adopt their own democracies they can be used to transform them.

“An example is Madagascar where they decided to use 80% of their budget to develop one sector per year and they are one of the best countries in the world,” Prof. Nuwagaba said.

Citing examples of South Korea under President Park Chung and Singapore, the Makerere don said these countries were able to develop faster than many countries in the world because of dictatorship.

He said African countries should also borrow a leave.

“In South Korea, President Gen Park issued a decree that all South Koreans consume only goods made in their country. Every one became a consumer.”

“In 20 years between 1964 and 1974, South Korea was able to transform to a country adorable to everyone.”

He warned that if Uganda continues with the ‘lazy’ path it is taking, in a few years many countries will pass it.

“It will not surprise me if in 10 years from now, Rwanda starts giving Uganda aid,” he said.


According to the Makerere don Uganda can adopt patriotism as a form of ‘dictatorship’ that can propel development.

He however warned patriotism may not be fully applied in Uganda because of the behaviours of government officials who he said make citizens hate the country.

“People will start loving their country if the taxes collected by URA are used for what they are supposed to do,” he said.

He said in countries like Sweden, citizens contribute up to 60% of their salary to government but the money goes to provide services to them.

Prof. Nuwagaba also believes that Africa can adopt its own democracy rather than coping pseudo democracies from European countries and the US.

He cited an example of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi where citizens had whatever they wanted in life but opted to overthrow their leader in favour of American democracy.

“We have to be careful with the democracy we want. We shouldn’t get the one that Americans promised Libya but things only turned worse.”

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