Diamond Platinum Acquires Tattoo In Fiancee’s Name

Diamond Platinumz  wants the whole world to know how deep in love he is with his fiancée Tanasha Donna and how proud he is to have her.

The Tanzanian singer debuted a new ink and it’s a sweet tribute to the Kenyan radio personality.

Diamond Platinumz took to Instagram on Sunday to show off a tattoo of Tanasha Donna’s name on his arm.

Earlier, he took to the photo sharing to the word the video showing him comb the 22-year-old’s hair, sending fans in frenzy with many saying he was sending a great message to other men on how to treat their women.

This comes barely a week after the couple wiped their social media off photos of each other, with Tanasha saying they had come to a mutual understanding to keep their relationship private for reasons only known to them.

But judging by Diamond’s PDA filled posts, he clearly can’t keep his feelings under control and is so proud to call Tanasha his girl.
The couple will wed on February 14, next year.

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