Diamond Bitter with Zari for Sabotaging Daughter’s Birthday


Tanzanian pop star Diamond Platinumz is very bitter with ex-baby mama Zari Hassan for what he has termed as ‘sabotaging’ their daughter’s birthday celebrations last week.

According to reports from the singer’s camp Wasafi Records, Diamond blames the Ugandan socialite for the fact that their daughter Dangote Latifah did not to celebrate her third birthday last week on Friday 17th August 2018.

Tiffah Dangote is made three years

It should be noted that the ex-lover had planned to have celebrations in South Africa where they had a sponsor for the event. However, because Zari did not play her part in fulfilling the deal they had with the sponsoring company, it pulled out leaving Diamond a frustrated man considering he had played his role.

Apparently, the sponsoring company asked Zari and the ‘African Beauty’ hit maker to publicize it (the firm) on their social media pages, a thing that only Diamond did while the self-styled Boss Lady socialite refused to do so.

Zari Hassan

On the day for the party, the firm pulled out of the deal, saying it wasn’t going to finance the 3-year-old’s birthday celebrations, given Zari and Diamond did not collectively meet their obligation as had been agreed thereby breaching contract.

This is why Diamond is bitter with Zari and has been wondering why a mother would want to sabotage her own daughter’s birthday.

Zari with Diamond before spliting

Other reports suggest that Zari did that because she wants her ex-lover to fund the birthday celebrations with money from his own pockets like he did two weeks back for his son with side dish Hamisa Mobetto. Zari could have used this as an opportunity to get back at him for cheating on her with Hamisa Mobetto, a thing that led to the break up.


Following the flopped birthday party, Diamond’s mum, Sanura Kassim, said they would continue planning the celebrations.

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