Desire Luzinda On How She Attained Salvation

Not so long ago, curvy Desire Luzinda announced that she had quit secular music to serve the Lord after finding salvation.

It was during the time she premiered her last secular music album titled ‘Transition’ where she revealed she will only do music in praise of the Almighty.

Fast forward, Desire has opened up about her journey to becoming a born again Christian.

The curvaceous mother of one has been confessing to close pals and relatives about how she struggled to accept the Lord.

According to Desire, it took her three years to choose the life of salvation.

She also reveals that after finally accepting to serve the Lord, many of her friends did not have faith her to commit to her new life considering her well documented history during her time as a secular musician.

Desire Luzinda says she struggled to accept God

Desire however gave a deaf ear to the negativity from such people until what she terms as a ‘magnet of peace’ drew her closer to God.

“When you choose a new path, the resistance is strong but one thing I have learnt is to believe in yourself. Follow your heart and all the rest will fall in place. Bearing in mind that the Lord has not dealt with us according to our sins, why then do we deal with us according to our sins? It is not our duty to judge.


It took me 3 years to choose the life of Salvation. And while many told me I was headed for a dead end, the magnet of #Peace that I felt within me drew me closer and I simply gave a deaf ear to the negative critics.

Today I must say I cannot wait to share with you the great pieces of soothing Gospel music the Lord has placed in my heart” Desire Luzinda posted on social media.

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