Desire Luzinda Blasts Fan for Asking If Daughter Is Searching

Curvy Desire Luzinda has always stressed that her daughter Michelle is the best thing that ever happened to her.

And because of this she will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and happy.

Desire Luzinda plaitng daughter Michelle’s hair

Desire demonstrated this yesterday when she blasted one of her fans on social media for what the ‘Kitone’ singer described as disrespecting her daughter.

It all started when Desire shared some pictures when she was sharing moments with her daughter on Instagram.

She accompanied one of Michelle’s pictures with the caption, “She is blessed, favoured, humble, God fearing, loving, respectful and above all wise”.

While many of her fans complimented the picture, Hanifah Khan @hanifahkhancadyz7 commented by asking if Michelle is searching (Anoonya?).

Hanifah Khan disrespected Desire Luzinda’s daughter

This evidently rubbed Desire the wrong way as she immediately blasted Hanifah calling her all sorts of names while hurling insults at her as well. “Don’t expose your foolishness here. If English is the problem get an interpreter or simply pass. It’s not mandatory you have to comment you dwanzie” an incensed Desire Luzinda told off Hanifah.

The diva’s loyal fans were fast to jump to her support and took over the responsibility of defending Desire by putting Hanifah in her place.

Desire Luzinda looking hot

Hanifah tried reasoning with Desire’s fans that they don’t have to comment with compliments all the time but they did not want to have any of it as they religiously defended the ‘Nina Omwami’ singer.

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