Desire, Juliana Exchange Bitterly Over Lwasa Saga

A bitter war is raging on between celebrated Ugandan musicians Desire Luzinda and Juliana Kanyomozi over tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa.

Chimp corps reveal that the war between Desire and Juliana over Lwasa has been reportedly boiling for some time but it spilt yesterday, when Juliana threatened to sue Lwasa for allegedly invading her privacy.

This came about after Lwasa taking a Selfie of himself aboard a flight, in which he also captured Juliana, before sharing the snap on social media, creating an impression that he had travelled with her to America.

Lwasa’s action didn’t amuse Juliana, who posted a lengthy statement on social media blasting him, before threatening to sue him.

However, what Juliana might have pissed off Desire, who took to her Facebook page and posted thus;

“The older you get, the more quiet you become. Life humbles you so deeply as you age. You realize how much nonsense you’ve wasted time on.”

As if in reply to Desire’s statement, Juliana wrote on her Instagram page thus;

“I’m a nice person… So if I’m being a B**** to you, ask yourself why.”


The beef between Juliana and Desire reportedly started last month when she (Juliana) refused to perform at Lwasa’s Club Tavern Kick in Masaka, which Desire had earlier on officially opened.

Juliana’s photo had even been printed  on posters that were printed all over Masaka indicating that she would perform at Lwasa’s Club, but she shocked her fans when she informed them through social media platforms that she was not scheduled to perform anywhere in Masaka.

This allegedly didn’t go down well with Desire, who felt belittled, although she played it cool.


Juliana Kanyomozi (inset) the pic Lwasa posted
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