Desh Kananura Denies Murdering Kateregga, Blames Haters

City socialite, page businessman and prominent rally driver Andrew Desh  Kananura who is facing murder charges with four others before High Court Judge Justice Joseph Murangira, today commenced his defense in the matter, stressing that the accusations were a work of his enemies to tarnish his image.

Desh and his co-accused opted for unsworn evidence — where prosecution isn’t allowed to ask them questions.

The other suspects include his brother Raymond Kananura, Samuel Nzoreba , Jacob Onyango and Syrus Maganda, who prosecution alleges in September 2012 tortured and murdered Badru Kateregga, a bar attendant at Panamera Bar.

Kananura told court that he is a peaceful citizen who has never involved himself in any unlawful act.

“I call myself a senior citizen of this country and I have never killed anybody. I pray that this court finds me innocent because I never participated in the murdering of Badru Kateregga,” he pleaded.

Desh, who owns Panamera Bar where the crime took place, cited a number of individuals who he said were hell bent to tarnish his name.

One of these he said is the very police officer a one Pande, who investigated the murder case.

Kananura says the same officer once claimed to have been beaten by his (Kananura’s) employees and filed a suit at the Buganda Road court, which he lost.

He says the officer was determined to see him behind bars.

He says after the death of Kateregga, the same police officer rushed to Panamera and arrested all managers and asked them to make statements implicating Desh as the prime suspect.

As part of his defense, Desh told court that the death of Kateregga could have resulted from mob actions of fellow workers in his absence.

He says when he was called by one Charles, that one of his workers had been beaten and was unwell, he made efforts call for medical help and also informed Kiira Road Police.

He says he then drove to Panamera and found Kateregga still breathing but as he tried to call a friend from Kadic Hospital, he was told that the man was dead.

At this point he says two of the bouncers at the bar, Robert and Charles fled the scene.

The following day Kananura says he was scheduled for a flight to Kenya for back treatment, and that the Kiira Rd DPC one Walugembe cleared him to leave, asking him to stay in touch. While in Kenya he says, he was referred to the UK.

“While away I kept in touch with the police, but later on I was shocked by the telephone calls I received from friends in Kampala about the misinformation that was being put out in the media,” he said.

Desh revealed that since he knew that he was innocent he returned back to the country only to be picked on the tarmac of the airport and driven to police and produced in court.

Meanwhile, Desh’s brother Raymond Kabaasa Kananura also denied the murder charges saying that the two were raised in a religious family.

He noted also that at the time, their bar was very successful and that they were well off financially and therefore had no reason to kill anybody.

“All these allegations are not only hurting us but also unfair to our wives and all our in-laws,” he said.

The other two suspects will later on give their defenses. Three defense witnesses have also been lined up to make presentations.

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