Deputy Speaker Oulanyah Visits Butabika Mental Hospital

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah on Thursday paid a visit to the National Referral and Mental Teaching Hospital, Chimp Corps report.

Oulanyah camped at the children’s ward where he shared Easter goodies and later played football with the joyous youngsters.

The Deputy Speaker also toured the Hospital and later held discussions with the administration of Butabika headed by the Executive Director, Dr David Basangwa.

Dr. Basangwa expressed his gratitude to Oulanyah for thinking about the Butabika National Referral and Mental Teaching Hospital community during this Holy Week; saying that it was the first time that such a visit happened.

“We are grateful for this historic visit. I have deliberately called it historic since we have never experienced it during the Holy Week of Easter,” said Dr Basangwa.

The Executive Director also presented concerns and challenges faced by the mental facility such as understaffing with one nurse serving more than 100 patients.

“The Right Honorable Deputy Speaker, we would like to bring to your attention and Parliament at large some of the challenges we are facing. Under-staffing is a major challenge here and the ration of nurse to patient is one to over a hundred,” said Dr. Basangwa.

He also decried the lack of resources resulting from limited funding yet the patients don’t have caretakers and burden is left to the Hospital staff.


Oulanyah pledged to discuss the matter with the Parliament committee on Health to further look into the priority areas of funding since the budget process is still on going.

Oulanyah’s visit comes after the recent passing of the Mental Health Bill 2014 which provides for the integration of mental health services to health facilities across the country.

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