Defiant Tamale Mirundi Appears on UBC

The controversial Senior Presidential Advisor on media, clinic Joseph Tamale Mirundi appeared this morning on the government broadcaster UBC TV despite recent restrictions.

The Uganda Communications Commission early this week issued a unilateral order banning Tamale from appearing on any media station in the country due to concerns from unnamed sections of the public, visit this who accused him ofusing abusive language and tarnishing their reputation.

Contrary to the UCC`s directive, UBC TV today hosted Tamale on its political program “Good Morning Uganda” not to get his comment on the broadcasting authority`s ban but to dissect on the current affairs that unfolded during the week that is ending.

Clad in a dark blue suit and purple necktie, Tamale looked not moved and maintained his confident appearance throughout the show.

And as has been the case Tamale didn’t leave his offensive brand at home. He attacked the Democratic Party President Norbert Mao who failed to be nominated for the Gulu Municipality seat on Wednesday for lack of an identity card; comparing him to a man who goes to the toilet with the tissue.

“Mao just like Mbabazi is a very scandalous fellow. He is like a man who goes to the toilet without toilet paper knowing very well that he will need it,” Tamale said during the show.

Mao’s nomination was turned down by the Independent Electoral Commission over lack of national identity card and the absence of his name on the voters’ register. In his defense, the DP president said he was bed ridden by the time of the nationwide exercise.

Tamale also castigated the Forum for Democratic Change`s Kitgum Woman MP, Beatrice Anywar and the DP`s Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Namboze for being double-crossers.


Tamale said the two women are like brides who maintain multiple boyfriends till the wedding moment and expect everything to be normal.

“Anywar and Namboze thought picking money from everywhere was a good idea. They are like brides who keep more than one boyfriends up to wedding and expecting success in the marriage. They picked money from different masters and time for the needful comes when they cannot make quick decisions,” Tamale said.

Anywar and Namboze joined Mbabazi at the start of presidential campaigns but recently took to Besigye`s side. Anywar who is now standing on Independent ticket for Kitgum municipality MP, on Wednesday campaigned for Besigye in the northern town.

Meanwhile Tamale uncharacteristically praised the FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye for rejecting the ideas of former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan and the former International Criminal Court`s Chief Prosecutor, Moreno Occampo. The two international figures allegedly wanted Dr. Besigye to stand down for Go Forward`s Amama Mbabazi.

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