Defiant Fr. Kibuuka Stripped of Priesthood

The Catholic Archdiocese of Kampala has indefinitely suspended one of its famous priests Fr. Jacinto Kibuuka over indiscipline.

Fr. Kibuuka who after falling out with the church leadership in Kampala decided to establish his own Church named Mamre Prayer Center, approved has been stripped of his canonical status.

He is now forbidden from performing any acts of governance in the Catholic Church anywhere in the country.

The Kampala Archbishop Charles Kizito Lwanga also withdrew all of Fr Kibuuka’s faculties accorded to him including the celebration of Sacraments, buy information pills preaching the word of God and pastoral care of the faithful.

Kibuuka has been at the center of a number of controversies that pitted him against the church leadership over the past months.

And his defiant response to the numerous cautions by his seniors is what had prompted the unprecedented decision to expunge him, viagra 40mg according to Bishop Lwanga.

Kibuuka was over the past one year all over the media, being accused of sexually harassing a young girl. Police investigations and a magistrates’ court trail however, wound in his favor and the case was thrown out of the court last week.

Earlier in 2014, Kibuuka came to the limelight when he was transferred to Bukalango, following reports that his style of preaching was unconventionally “Pentecostal” in nature.”


After word started spreading from Rubaga Nursing School where he was posted that his he was performing miracles, his prayer sessions started attracting non-Catholics, including Muslims, coming from as far as Jinja, Masaka and Mukono districts.

The media reported; “The neighborhood was markedly affected by the services. Many residents used to do their Sunday shopping early in the morning to avoid missing out when shopkeepers would close to go and worship.

Consequently, attendance at Lubaga cathedral’s afternoon service is reported to have dwindled. The main hospital parking became insufficient and many cars were seen parked along the way right from Lubiri SS to Musigula stage.”

In yesterday’s suspension letter, Bishop Lwanga stated that Fr. Kibuuka had misused his claimed “healing powers” and decided to go against the church obligations, which have to be guided by the Holy Scriptures and the canonical laws.

“It is therefore with regret that we wish to inform the general public that after several months of tedious pastoral and canonical attempts to salvage the situation, we have been obliged to suspend Rev Fr Jacinto Kivbuuka from the Roman Catholic Priestly ministry,” said Lwanga.

“Authentic mystics like St Padre Pio of Pientrelcina, St Teresa of Avila and St Catherine of Siena are models of obedience. They never pretended to set up Christ against the Church through mystical healing powers and revelations that they were given.

“In fact there are countless occasions in their lives when our Lord gave them a directive but then their religious superior advised them otherwise for the good of the faith community.”

Early in March, Fr Kibuuka was put on an administrative leave, pending investigation of his matters by the Church tribunal. He was also transferred to a new residence in Ggoli Parish.

“However in blatant disregard of the penal remedy, Kibuuka wrote back vowing to continue with the public ministry and refused to go to Ggoli”

After the tribunal wrote again to him explaining its decision, he apologized and asked to present his side of the story, which opportunity was granted to him, but according to Bishop Lwanga, this didn’t change his insubordination attitude.

Early this week on July 11th he was offered another chance to be heard and this time he did not show up, which triggered the decision to suspend him.

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