Deena UG Lets Loose in Stunning New Video, ‘Tokota’

Happiness isn’t something German Ugandan based pop star Deena UG sits back and waits for! On Wednesday July 15, 2020, the superstar unveiled the music video for the already fan-favorite track “Tokota”.

The music video shot and directed by Meddie Menz, an award winning videographer, shows Deena decked out in a Seventies-style wardrobe, dancing on top of worn-out vintage cars in an open garage, with a combat of dancers, happily grooving to the disco-full track.

Other scenes show street life. The track video runs for 4:17 minutes.

Signed to Tuff N Ruff Records, Deena has through the years mesmerized and conquered the East African music airwaves because of her linguistic claim. She sings in native languages which to many, took them my surprise.

Deena is a self-taught musician who speaks six languages — including Kinyarwanda and some Swahili. She got noticed for singing, apparently without an accent, in Luganda, Uganda’s most widely spoken language.

Known for songs like ‘Mumulete’ and ‘Mpanilila’, in the new song ‘Tokota’, Deena takes pride in indigenous dance styles and it is a track that encourages work out as many of the masses are stuck home during the Covid-19 crisis.

This, with no doubt, is one of the most captivating songs to take music lovers throughout this season and many more to come!

Watch “Tokota” video here, https://youtu.be/cf_OrioniiI

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