Deejay Michael Reveals why Bryan White “Sacked” Celebrities

Singer King Michael has opened up on why most celebrities were relieved of their duties at Bryan White Foundation saying it was only meant to create room for others.

Speaking to ChimpLyf, the “Muko muko” singer said that there were more people that need the don’s money other than the celebrities.

“Other musicians had to step aside so that Bryan can help other people like farmers and others who needed help from him. However every musician who was on the podium appreciated what Bryan did for him or her because no one is complaining,” he said.

Bryan White with Chameleone

When asked why he still works for the foundation, Michael said his relationship with the slim boss is beyond music.

“I am more than a musician on podium, our relationship is beyond. Yes am still on podium and working with the foundation is such a blessing coz wat we are doing on podium was one of my dream being a philanthropist,” he said.

Micheal after receiving a car from Bryan White

Bryan White Foundation was known for harboring Uganda’s biggest musicians and celebrities which fans saw as a misleading way although those celebrities never complained.

It was until May this year that he choose to let go of most of them and remain with a few which raised eye brows among people saying he was running out of money.


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