Dave Kazoora Blasts Ugandans for Lacking Patriotism 

Celebrated media personality Dave Kazoora has blasted Ugandans for not being ‘patriotic’ enough.

The veteran master of ceremonies has particularly taken issue with fans expressing doubt in him footing his own travel expenses during the upcoming ‘Tulambule’ campaign.

The campaign that was launched last week on Thursday by the Tourism minister Hon. Kiwanda Godfrey will see Kazoora join socialite turned businesswoman Zari Hassan in visiting tourist sites in Uganda in a bid to promote the country’s tourism.

Addressing journalists at the launch, Hon. Kiwanda revealed that both Zari and Kazoora were not being paid to take part in the campaign but were rather doing it because of the love they have for their country.

However, fans were not convinced and have not shied away from expressing their feelings online.

Dave Kazoora with Zari Hassan starting Tilambule campaign

An angry Kazoora has taken to social media to post a long rant bashing a section of people claiming he received a hefty payment for his contribution.

“I don’t know why Ugandans can never be patriotic… They want to celebrate you when yr down talk rubbish once you succeed and all the rumours mbu his doing drugs or his related to the first family.

I have worked in Rwanda and ohh boy you can’t fck with them especially when yr a foreigner.. they love themselves love their country.


I have also worked in Tanzania same story, try Kenya, I think they’re much more patriotic than any east African country.

A Kenyan will not buy anything unless if it has made in Kenya they will not buy products made in Uganda and leave Kenyan products with Uganda we would rather buy a Kenyan product and leave our own.

Get into a fight with a Sudanese and Ugandans will best up a Ugandan. Try a fight in those countries and see what will happen to you.

My friends have made noise mbu am being paid for this #tulambule actually my close friends and am like I haven’t been paid I want to do this for my country maybe one day it will pay off.

So my friends and haters this is another freely produced advert, it would cost about 9m but it’s free because God has given us the ability..” Kazoora posted on Facebook.

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