Culture Vs Reality: Why Kibazanga was Right to Defy Mumbere on Mother’s Funeral

By James Bwambale Muthoma

There is one thing that will keep our tribe behind if not well transitioned to fit the world today and that is “culture”.

The standard dowery for Bakonzo is 12 goats, a hoe and a blanket.

There is a wedding ceremony that I attended but the bride was almost being held at home on the wedding day because the man’s side had not brought a hoe as part of dowery.

So I wondered, if someone can bring 12 goats whether as cash or physical goats,  bring gifts on giveaway,  honour you by asking you permission for a hand in marriage with your daughter, why do you refuse to release your daughter for marriage just because of a mere hoe?

Hon. Christopher Kibanzanga has been thrown stones because he tried to explain himself concerning the radical decision he took to transfer the Queen mother’s body to Bundibugyo.

Most of us are hitting at him but in my own opinion he is very right.

Kibanzanga’s mother remains his mother whether OBR (Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu) is there or not.

He deserves all the rights to make sure his mother indeed is laid to rest whether the kingdom is there or not.   

It is so ashaming to learn that the OBR which should be the custodian of cultural norms and practices doesn’t know that death is part of life and should therefore be prepared for.

In the normal and logical way but more so culturally, a kingdom should have burial grounds where the kings and all those with straight attachment to the royal family are burried.

So there shouldn’t have been a debate on where to burry the queen mother (RIP) because culturally that should be predetermined.

OBR showed a very great weakness and made many people wonder why a kingdom which has been officially in existence since 2009 doesn’t have land for such purposes.

Propaganda had started moving around that Hon Kibanzanga didn’t want the king to come to Kasese because he would “eat show on him”. To proper analysists that is propaganda.

If any one refutes Kibanzanga’s clarity on these issues please bring your own version of the story but don’t just throw stones at him as if you know kingdom issues better than him.

Our Kingdom needs leaders who are focused and developmental.

Leaders who preach unity not divisionism, Leaders who value the lives of their subjects and won’t involve them in unnecessary fights with the government and other tribes.

OBR should have already put a tangible impact in the area if it really cared about its subjects.

Obughuma nimani

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