CSOs Urges Gov’t to Fast Track Regulations against Child Trafficking

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) led by Dwelling Places, FIDA and in conjunction with Parliament’s Forum of Children, have called upon government to fast track regulations against child trafficking.

The call was made during a stakeholders’ meeting at Parliament yesterday, aimed at preventing child trafficking and unsafe migration right from the point of transport licensing.

The meeting also sought to create national level policies that protect all children using public transport systems from child trafficking and unsafe migration.

“Besides the Trafficking in Person’s Act, we do not have a core regulation that tackles trafficking in this country which makes  it very easy for trafficking to continue,  but also makes it very hard for prosecution of the perpetrators, who take our girls outside Uganda,” said Elizabeth Kemigisha an Advocacy Officer from FIDA.

Kemigisha said the desired regulations that are still at the Ministry level will help address cases of persons that have transported children from different parts of the country especially Karamoja, after hoodwinking their parents promising them to take care of their children.

Kemigisha added that these children end up being put on streets of Kampala and other urban centers as a source of income by their traffickers.

“We need regulations which will be make it easier for the Act to be implemented by different stakeholders; we are lobbying the Ministry of Internal Affairs to do that.”

The Chairperson Parliamentary Forum on Children, Atiku Benard revealed that through the different engagements with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), the authority is considering issuing an ordinance that will criminalize whoever gives handouts to street children.


“We want to make the lives of these children so hard and uncomfortable so that they may stop preferring streets to their homes as well as working on improving the standards of Labour Bing in their home areas,” Atiku said.


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