CSOs Ask Youth To Engage In Politics, Pay Taxes

Allan Muhereza Murangira, Team Leader for Youth for Tax Justice Network Uganda has called upon youth to actively engage in Politics and pay taxes accordingly.

Muhereza was giving his key note address at the  African Youth Day celebrations held on Thursday at the Makerere University Main Hall, Kampala.

He challenged youth to pay taxes and always try to make a follow up.

“We should take politics seriously; we should not shy away from all Political engagements.”

“We are the majority but how come there are only five youth MPS? We should not be just spectators in political spaces. Let’s engage and help government allocate resources to places where we benefit more.”

He added: “Let’s not wait for the auditor general to make his report, lets be active citizens because at the end of the day, we are going to stay here the longest.”

He emphasized that paying tax is one of the strongest paths through which the government can get money to fund its budget and allocate resources appropriately.

“Our role is to enlighten the youth on why they should pay tax and what they can do to make sure that the government uses the tax accordingly.


Kite Aloysius of SEATINI noted that their role as Civil Society is not only to monitor tax distribution but also to see that citizens get what they pay for.

The event was organized by Tax Justice Network Africa (TJNA) and SEATINI under the theme: ‘Exploring spaces for youth engagement on tax justice’.

Hazel Mwebese moderated a youth Panel that discussed matters concerning youth and Tax. The panel had Dickson Kamala from Tanzania, Kirsten Nguzu from Burundi and Akitte Cynthia, a MUK Law Student from Uganda.

The dialogue brought students from mainly Universities in Kampala, and other representatives from Tanzania and Burundi. CSOs officials and members of the Press were also present.

TJNA is a Pan-African organization and a member of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice. It was launched in January 2007 during the World Social Forum (WSF) held in Nairobi.

It promotes socially- just, accountable and progressive taxation systems in Africa. It advocates for tax policies with pro-poor outcomes and tax systems that curb public resource leakages and enhance domestic resource mobilization.


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