Cruising on the Kazinga Channel the Heartbeat of Queen Elizabeth National Park

A tour operator friend of mine once told me “When you go to Queen Elizabeth National Park, make sure you visit the Kazinga Channel.” As I would later find out, the channel is indeed the heartbeat of the park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s most popular tourist destination. It was founded in 1952 as Kazinga National Park. The Park was named after Queen Elizabeth National Park of the UK.

It is home to over 95 mammal species, over 600 bird species and primates.

The Uganda Wildlife Boat picked us from Mweya Safari lodge and took us around the channel at 30,000 Uganda shillings.

The cruse takes two hours. The first one is in the morning at 9am the other at 2pm.

Kazinga Channel is a 32 km long narrow waterway linking to Lake George and Lake Edward.

Lake George gets its water from the streams of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Hippos flank the Kazinga Channel

The channel is the park’s main water source which attracts all kinds of wild animals which makes it the center stage of viewing them.


While there, I saw a herd of Elephants young and old; some swimming, others feeding on the green pasture while others were enjoying the sunshine.

A bloat of hippos was enjoying the waters and would occasionally put their heads up and yawn and a gang of Buffaloes on the other side.

Occasionally we would find the buffaloes resting near houses in the fishing villages. Typical definition of human wildlife co-existence.

I also saw huge Nile Crocodiles eyes closed and mouth wide open.

The channel also attracts different bird species


Birds of all types are all around the lake year in year out all you have to do is grab your cameras and binoculars to take the best photos.

Giant Monitor lizards will also be at the shores if you have never seen one.

Other activities you can do are; Birding, fishing, visit the fishing villages where you will get the real stories about the park and cultural entertainment, Game drive in the park which may be your lucky day to see tree climbing lion’s other big fives.

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