Crown Beverages Flags off 2nd Batch of Dubai Trip Winners

Crown Beverages Limited (CBL), the bottler of soft drinks; Pepsi, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Sting, and Nivana Water has today flagged of 11 winners for a 3 day fully paid trip to Dubai under the just concluded Tukonectinge with Pepsi consumer reward promotion.

The promotion in which CBL sunk over Ugx 4 billion, has seen 25 out of 25 Tukonectinge branded Toyota Wish Cars, 24 out of 24 fridges, and 24 out of 24 fully paid trips to Dubai being awarded to consumers over the past 12 weeks through which the promo has been running.

“I was the highest SMS sender in the Tukonectinge Promo mainly because I was enticed by the reward that was at stake. Every time I continued to participate, I could receive airtime in different denominations ranging from Ugx 5,000, and I decided to use about 50% of the same airtime and mobile money to send the SMS,” commented Leo Kiyemba a resident of Namasuba.

Meanwhile, Ms. Vicky Achen, a resident from Lira and the winner of a fully paid trip to Dubai, who made the most SMS pairs jubilantly pronounced that, “I thank the management of Pepsi for the opportunity they gave us to travel to Dubai,” adding that, “Today we are going abroad and am excited, to have the chance to sit in an aeroplane.”

In his address to the media Mr. Hillary Olupot, Head of Cost and Compliance at CBL stated that, “The purpose of the various promotions carried out by Crown Beverages is to give back to the communities and as well as a deliberate motive to change individual’s lives”

Tukonectinge promo has been running to a tune of over Ushs. 4 billion (Four Billion).

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