Crisis as Ingrid Defies President Muntu on Leaving EALA Race

A crisis could be simmering at the Najjanankumbi based Forum for Democratic Change, tadalafil following a standoff between opposition party President Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu and Secretary for Mobilization Mrs. Ingrid Turinawe.

Mrs Turinawe has Thursday afternoon dismissed a letter written by Gen Mugisha Muntu to Parliament, removing her from the race for the East Africa Legislative Assembly.

Muntu yesterday Wednesday wrote to Parliament about the party’s decision to withdraw Turinawe’s candidature, without giving an explanation.

He said the party wished to retain one candidate Mrs. Florance Ibi, who won the party primaries on February 6.

Media sections quoted the party spokesperson Semujju Nganda as revealing that the FDC Working Committee sat on Saturday and agreed to withdraw Turinawe.

But appears now that the decision was taken without Turinawe’s knowledge or at least her consent and she is prepared to fight back.

Shortly after the news came out, Mrs Turinawe took to social media, saying she is not exiting the race.

Turinawe went on to insist that the party president has no authority to remove her from the race and that she was not duly informed about it.


She posted, “I am in the race; the author of that letter has no authority to withdraw me. I have not seen my copy though, waiting for it so that I reply.”

It is unclear, what the opposition iron lady has up her sleeve against the party administration, but most likely she may challenge the validity of Gen Muntu’s letter, which seems to have flouted a few rules.

According to Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, a party can only withdraw one of its candidates from the race, before the final declaration of the selected members.

The withdrawal however must be endorsed by signature by the party secretary general and the nominee themselves.

Muntu’s letter was neither signed by FDC’s Secretary General, (Nathan Nandala Mafabi) nor the nominee (Ingrid) herself.

Mrs Ingrid was yet to return our calls for comments, and neither was the party President Muntu.

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