Credit Card Benefits That You Rarely Heard Of. Read On To Unlock These Offers

As a credit cardholder, you enjoy the many benefits that it has to offer.

Whether it’s buying a newly launched iMac or your favourite handbag, your credit card has been your reliable payment partner. Moreover, the COVID-19 outbreak has reinforced the importance of using contactless payment methods.

Even as the economy reopens, it’s not always feasible to carry the cash with you – not for cost-intensive purchases.

Did you know that credit cards may have unheard benefits that you can capitalize on? These offers will help you make the best out of your credit cards.

You can access the rare offers that are not usually advertised by the credit card companies. Following are some of the benefits that you may not have heard of:

Preferred Seating Options

It is difficult to get the front row seats at international venues. You may, however, have a fair chance of grabbing those hard-to-acquire seats. Many credit card companies buy the best ones at the event and keep it reserved for their customers.

For instance, next time when you plan to visit an international concert, check with your credit card issuer to see if they have preferred seating options for that venue. This way, you can also smoothly navigate through foreign kiosks that may pose potential language barriers.

Discounted and Free Tickets

If you are someone who frequently enjoys fun family trips, you should check out the discounted and free tickets offered by card issuers. You can not only invite your friends but also save a lot of expenses incurred on these trips.


Contact your bank to see if their credit card offers such tickets to popular attractions such as aquariums, zoos, and museums. Also, find out if they offer country-wide access or just within your city limits. It’s important to analyze everything to avoid any confusion during the actual visit.  You can also check out some of the best travel credit cards here, which will make your journey economical.

Extended Warranties

When you buy a luxury item, it’s natural to worry about the damages that may occur when the warranty period is over. Sure, you can always extend the warranty. But what if the card issuer does that for you – free of charge?

Yes, it’s possible to extend warranties for free with MasterCard’s World, Gold, and Platinum members. For this benefit, you should have the warranty card and the store receipt intact.

Think about the money you will save. How about investing it in mutual funds to get great returns? You can use a sip calculator to determine the predicted rate of returns by filling in the investment duration, amount per month, and expected ROI.

Presale Tickets

This benefit is somewhat related to the first one. With certain credit cards, you can access presale tickets before they are made available for the general public.

For instance, you can use my Citi credit card to leverage their presale promotions. They will send you email reminders once you signup for the event. The period during which the promotion runs is usually less than a week, so you have to hurry up!

Return Protection

Sometimes you are not happy with the purchase, and you want to return it. But what if the store you bought the item from does not offer a return policy?

Even if you have all the tags and receipts attached you may find it impossible to return a few things. If your credit card offers a return protection benefit, you can easily get the amount reimbursed in no time.

Car Rental Insurance

Major credit card issuers such as MasterCard and Visa offer car rental insurance as additional rewards. Whenever you want to rent a new car, you can feel free to decline their optional insurance since your credit card will cover it anyway.

You can save hundreds of dollars in rental car insurance. However, you should check which car rental companies have tied up with your card issuer if any.

Lost Luggage Protection

Losing your luggage is a nightmare when you are on vacation – frequently travelling between scenic locations! Unfortunately, it does and can happen. When you are travelling abroad, such situations can amplify your troubles.

Has it happened to you before? If yes, then you know that it’s a perfect recipe for ruining your holidays. Alas! Only if you had the lost luggage protection!

If you take frequent trips, consider choosing a credit card that gives you this amazing benefit! Before deciding on a card, you need to find out everything about all the benefits it offers!

Trip Cancellation Insurance

This is another amazing perk offered by credit card companies to frequent travellers. If your trip gets cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, then this insurance will cover the non-refundable, forfeited tickets.

That includes boat, bus, or plane tickets reimbursement according to the criteria laid out by your card issuer. The yearly limits and eligibility vary by the company. Learn how to use credit card the right way with these facilities!

Price Protection

You may have observed that some retailers give refunds for the product you purchased if its price drops within the next 30 days. Cards that have the price-protection feature ensure that you always pay the best price irrespective of where you make the transaction.

There’s a good chance that you may find this hidden feature if you dig in a little deeper.

Hotel Room Theft Insurance

Even though it may be a rare occurrence, hotel room burglary can leave a sour taste on your vacation time. Yes, the police will help you obtain your valuables.

However, by getting hotel room theft insurance, you can be at peace, knowing that your personal items are covered by your credit card company if a burglary does take place.

For instance, Americal Express and MasterCard reimburse for the loss incurred due to hotel room robbery. The maximum limit depends on the card issuer you are associated with.


Not all cards will have every exclusive benefit mentioned above. You have to analyze your needs to see if your credit card company offers rare benefits.

If not, you can always choose to buy a new credit card!

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