COVID19: Youths Cautioned Against Covid19 Negligence

Amid the rising number of cases of cases of Covid-19 each day, the youth in the country have been cautioned to follow the Standard Operating Procedures and avoid being reluctant.

George Tamale, the One Dollar HIV/AIDS Initiative executive director warns that even the youth or young people are vulnerable to Covid.

“We know that those who are 65 years and above are affected more by covid-19. Those with other chronical illnesses like heart disease, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases are at a high risk. However, we also have people with immune system suppression; which include people with diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer and others,” he said.

“In Uganda as we live our lives, we rarely go for total health check-ups. So, you may find a youth having a heart or kidney problem which they do not know because they were not previously examined fully. As they live and there’s nothing they feel is hurting, they just live a life like that. Unfortunately, some of them might be having underlying conditions that are undetected and this makes them susceptical to covid-19.”

As of 3rd January, the cumulative confirmed cases of covid19 in Uganda were 36,050 with 274 fatalities.

“If we have the numbers go high, the country is going to suffer more. The youth will suffer most,” he warned.

Tamale encouraged the non-asymptomatic cases of covid19 to follow the SOPs to avoid infecting other people because the test is expensive.

“To date, Uganda has tested 758,383 people as of 3rd this year. If it is open that everyone goes to test, Uganda does not have that money. That’s why we want to test someone who we think is positive and put them on treatment. For the others who are asymptomatic and practicing SOPs, they’ll heal if they are having a balanced diet,” he said.



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