Covid19: Woman Delivers at Police Station While Trekking to Hospital

Topista Kampire, a resident of Butunga village in Nyakabande sub county, Kisoro district gave birth to a bouncing baby girl in front of Kisoro Central Police Station on Sunday morning.

Kampire had walked about 15 kilometers from Nyakabande to Kisoro Hospital because of the ban on public transport.

“When I started experiencing labor pains, I asked my mother in law and my husband to accompany me to Kisoro hospital,” she says.

“But we couldn’t get any transport means because all drivers refused to take us, fearful that they’d be beaten up by security.”

“We tried to call up the RDC but the phones went unanswered, so in the night we started walking.”

At around 7am in the morning at Kisoro Central Police, she says the pangs intensified and right outside the station, with the help of her mother in law and some good Samaritans passing by, she delivered her baby.

Shortly afterwards, she was advised to proceed to hospital but she declined and went back home.

Commenting on the incident, Dr Sison Mugisha a member of the Kisoro district Covid19 task force said this was unfortunate.


He asked the family to get in touch with the task force so that the health workers can assess Kampire’s situation and that of the baby.

He says that delivering on the road means a lot of health interventions are missed to the detriment of both the mother and the baby.


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