Covid19: Security Stepped Up at Namboole Stadium Treatment Centre

Security has been significantly upped at the Namboole stadium, ever since it was turned into a National Covid 19 treatment centre last month.

This stadium is currently said to be handling over 1000 Covid19 patients who include positive cases, contacts and alerts.

This website understands that the Security Inter-Agency Joint Taskforce (IAJTF)that was set up to support the Ministry of Health in the fight against Covid19 formed a formidable security ring around the facility.

The security at this facility is comprised of both overt and covert operatives.

Security sources who spoke privately to this website revealed that the whole perimeter fence of the stadium is closely monitored to deter breaches especially from the local community around Kirinya and Bweyogerere.

According to the sources, when the stadium was still a quarantine centre, some people often attempted to escape before completing the mandatory 14 days.

“At night we use drone cameras to watch over this place because some people may want to escape and go back to the society when they have not fully recovered from Covid19,” said the source.

Inside the stadium, there is an inner security ring comprised of Police and UPDF soldiers that keep watch over the patients who are housed in the red zone on the ground floor, dressing rooms and pitch area.


The Eastern and Southern gates were sealed off. Doctors and health officials access the facility through the main gate while patients are brought in through the Northern gate and police patrollers watch over them.

This stadium was initially a quarantine centre but a spike in the number of positive cases in Kampala led the Ministry of health to turn into a treatment centre.

While opening the facility in September, Dr Charles Olaro, the Director of Clinical Services in the Ministry of Health said that 1200 beds were installed.

The facility is now fully serviced with catering services and also patients are allowed to engage in recreation activities such as sports.


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