Covid19: Nakawa Bans Caning, Separate Security Operations

Following last Thursday’s scenes in Kampala in which security forces brutalized people suspected of disregarding President Yoweri Museveni’s lockdown directives, Nakawa Deputy Resident City Commissioner (DRCC) Herbert Anderson Burora yesterday held a meeting with the Nakawa Division Member of Parliament Micheal Kabaziguruka together with DPCs, OCs, LDUs, and KCCA on how to smoothly implement the president’s directives.

In the meeting, the officials agreed to divide Nakawa into zones of Bugolobi, Kiswa and MUBS; Luzira and Butabika, Mbuya I and Mbuya II, Mutungo I and Mutungo II.

The meeting resolved that no individual or security agency is permitted to conduct separate operations.

This according to Burora, this is intended to ensure that all stakeholders are involved.

“It is aimed at making sure that all operations are coordinated and all stakeholders are involved but also to minimize on the incidents of each and every one doing their own operations as they understand. They will do the operations as per the guidelines we have put in place,” he said.

“KCCA, Police and the LDU are not allowed to conduct separate operations. They must conduct operations jointly.”

Burora also said the use of sticks to beat up people in the operation has been suspended.

“We have unanimously agreed as Police, UPDF, town clerks, KCCA enforcement and DSO that we will work together and whoever backslides from the guidelines we have put in place will be held accountable. From today, LDUs are not allowed to conduct operations alone. They must work under supervision and the same applies to Police and KCCA in Nakawa Division.”


Burora further said that what happened on Thursday when security agencies dehumanized people in Kampala is not condoned and issued an apology.

“The mistakes we are committing are mistakes that any institution can make and that is why we are correcting them,” he retorted

As for shops that were forced by security agencies to close on Thursday, he clarified that all shops outside of the markets are allowed to operate but should ensure there is no congestion.

On hiking price of goods, Burora said, “This is not time for Christmas or Easter and we are not in jubilations, we are in crisis. Some people are no longer working. Government has not increased taxes and there is free movement of goods. Therefore, there is no shortage to force us to hike prices. We cannot allow those who are crippled to be killed further. We are going to use Trade Orders to make sure Ugandans are not affected. We are not going to allow traders to fraught the guidelines that we must. They must comply and they must know that we are in a crisis.”

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