COVID19: Lockdown Raises Domestic Violence, Family Breakdown – Police

Uganda Police Force has registered a sharp rise in the cases related to domestic violence and family misunderstandings during the prevailing covid19 lockdown.

This was revealed on Thursday by the deputy police spokesperson ACP Polly Namaye during a security briefing at Uganda media centre.

Namaye says although some crimes have drastically reduced, domestic violence leads with 328 cases registered in three weeks from across the country.

“Just like across the globe where reports indicate an increase in these cases, Uganda we’re also seeing a raise and so far 328 cases have been reported within the Covid time,” Namaye said

She also added that the law enforcement body has registered at least 53 cases of family neglect especially by heads of families, 23 cases of child desertion, 2 missing children, 4 child torture and 1 child labour.

Reports indicate that domestic violence has affected especially women and children since their abusers are spending time with them at home.

Recent global reports also indicate that since the novel virus broke out and countries went on lockdown, there has been an increase in family related crimes and cases.

It has been established that family breakdowns and domestic violence have been caused by lack of mutual trust between partners and couples, poor communication, lack of sexual satisfaction and disputes over finances.


Other causes of fights especially in the Covid 19 period is food insecurity, character and personality and marital infidelity.

Uganda Police is now encouraging the public to always report such cases to the family and child protection department and avoid taking the law into their hands.

ACP Namaye also urged them to make use of the family directorate WhatsApp number 0779-999-999 for timely responses.

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