Covid19: Last Batch of Travelers to be Quarantined in Schools

President Yoweri Museveni has revealed Sunday that he is in talks with the First Lady and Education Minister Hon Janet Museveni, to identify a number of schools that will be used as quarantine centres for some of the travellers coming into the country today.

The President yesterday announced an indefinite ban on all passenger air travel into the country, which will take effect at midnight today, Sunday.

As such, airlines such as Emirates and Ethiopian, according to Museveni, today brought in an increased volume of passengers since the airport is shutting down at midnight.

With no available space to isolate them, Museveni says he asked the education minister to allocate some of the empty schools which were closed earlier in the week.

“We have been trying to get some schools now that that children have gone home, to use these schools to quarantine some of those people there, instead of wasting all this money on hotels,” Museveni said.


However, some of the heads of schools have not welcomed this idea amid fear of infecting the schools, while others, according to the president, were downright superstitious.

“I am told that some people are superstitious that once the corona people stay there, they will bring bad luck to the school and that children will fear to come back,” Museveni said.


“How can this happen in a society where people are educated. We are saying that the virus even if you do nothing, it can only live for 9 days on the plastic surface and even fewer days on other surfaces. The children went for holiday and won’t come back after 30 days. Even if there was no disinfection done, the virus would die by itself. But we will not do that. Every morning these people will be disinfecting.”

The president said however that he will continue to convince the education minister to allocate these schools.

“I will talk to Mama, and her head teachers whom I thought were people who are from university and they are educated. Before I came here I was negotiating with her and I am sure she is working on it with her group.”

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