Covid19: Kampala Still Too Crowded

When COVID 19 pandemic broke out, various measures were put in place by the Ministry of Health to contain it’s spread.

Apart from regular hand washing and use of alcohol based sanitisers which seemed have been embraced by most Ugandans, the measure of ensuring social distancing is still a huge challenge to implement.

The Ministry of Health has many times sensitised the people to keep a distance of at least 4 metres from one another.

President Museveni attributed his order to ban public transport and markets that don’t sell foodstuffs to congestion and overcrowding.

Food markets are still crowded

We visited Nakawa market and downtown Kampala to ascertain whether traders dealing in foodstuffs have created enough distance from one another given that now non-food sellers are not operating.

On the contrary, people in the market are living a normal life despite introduction of various hand washing facilities.

The crowds in the market are enormous and crowding not limited.

We asked the Chairman of Nakawa market Charles Okuni about the matter and he said this had to be dealt with gradually.


“The issue of congestion is something that is gradual. The first thing the President did was to decongest markets. All those who are not selling food are not supposed to work in the markets. Now the next step I think is to reduce the number of people who are operating in particular spaces,” he said.

Meanwhile, markets are not only the overcrowded places in Kampala.

Down town Kampala pedestrians are also in large numbers and walk too close to each other.

While some can be seen wearing standard face masks to prevent the spread, many have substandard ones while the vast majority don’t have masks .


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